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At the Center for Christ Consciousness we believe that every person has a spark of God within them and a divine and sacred purpose to his or her lives.  We affirm that it is your divine birthright to recognize who and what your relationship to your Creator is and to come into conscious awareness of your higher purpose as a child of God and a citizen of the universe.  Sometimes it is challenging to find the part of yourself that is connected to your Divine Source due to feelings of unworthiness, helplessness, hopelessness and fear, yet these emotional attitudes can be overcome.  You can discover that you have something within you that wants you to succeed and achieve the truth, goodness, and beauty of who you were created to be.  

We believe that when you access the presence of God within, you will find the answers to the questions pressing upon your mind, and the healing your heart desires.  We are dedicated to help you go within and help you connect with the inner assistance you have access to through our offerings and services.

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To introduce you to the ministry of the Center for Christ Consciousness, we offer you a complimentary session to sit in meditation with God, whose presence lives within your heart.  Also, please enjoy a free excerpt from the spiritual guide “Teach Us to Love—Finding Unconditional Love through Communion with God.”


For a complimentary heart opening experience

Excerpt from Teach Us to Love—Finding Unconditional Love through Communion with God

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Please explore what this website has to offer, and Contact us for additional information on how we may assist you in to discover the luminous presence of God within that heals all wounds and frees you to love yourself and others, and to co-create a better world for humanity through your unique God-given gifts.  This is your divine birthright and your destiny!  Together we can built a better world and bring deep healing and transformation to all life through the power of God’s LOVE and the LOVE that is waiting to blossom in and through US! 

The ministry of the Center for Christ Consciousness is dedicated to the establishment of a heavenly culture here on earth. We operate based on your donations and need your help to continue our pioneering work toward planetary transformation.  For more information on how you may get involved as a member or make contribution, visit Membership and Gifting. We are grateful for your support!


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